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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Lasalle College 2nd year students 2005 Fashion Show

Well last night was Lasalle College 2nd year fashion marketing students fashion show. And what a show it was. I have to say congrats to all of you who worked so hard at making the show happen. Club 1234 was probably the best place you guys could have picked for the event. Its high ceiling and and trendy decor really conveyed a fashion show atmosphere. Great job Simone! The theme itself was awesome, and I should mention that the public really got into it. I'm sure a lot of guests left the party feeling like they could kick some major fashion butts! The tickets and the programs looked great. You really outdid yourself Ashley! The after party was even better. You Lasalle students really know how to party it up. My only regret is that I didn't stay longer :( All in all boys and girls, if ever you get invited to a Lasalle college fashion show, don't miss up on the opportunity to attend...especially if Ashley and Simone have something to do with it! ;) Good job girls! Posted by Picasa


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